We celebrated 30 years as a group at SkeppetGBG November 26 with a concert and a great party! The Swedish Radio recorded it and will broadcast our concert! When? TBA.

We got a really nice rewiev from the concert by Mats Hallberg:


From spring 2022 we are now working with Georg Richardsen, Kulturich Management for booking Corpo. 

Mareike Wiening (drums) from Cologne

will join us at Skeppet and Lysekil with support from Initiativ Musik.

Thanks to MCV, Göteborgs stad and KUTURENS for supporting our concert when we celebrate 30 years as a band at Skeppet GBG



Five strong personalities create their own, unique and exciting music which expands and develops. It is music from the north paired with a taste of southern latitudes, reflective with a strong expression and where the pulse has a central role.

Mikael Godée - soprano sax and flute, composition

Thomas Markusson - doublebass

Ebba Westerberg - percussion

Lars-Erik Norrström - keyboards

Mareike Wiening/Johan Birgenius - drums

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Welcome to the official webpage of the Swedish band Corpo

Jazz from the north paired with a taste of southern latitudes

CORPO has been working as a group since 1992, and toured in Scandinavia, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus… and went for a very successful tour to South-Africa 1999. The South-African audiences did really appreciate Corpos mix of nordic melodies and African percussion.

 For booking and inquiries please contact


Kulturberatung & Management 

Georg Richardsen

Gottfried-Semper-Weg 20

95444 Bayreuth



Telefon: +49 (0) 152 29582670

E-Mail: georg.richardsen@kulturich.de